24.OUT -9pm /// CCB

Fleurine performs at CCB's small auditorium in Lisbon for an intimate evening where she will present original compositions as well as a tribute to artist João Gilberto.





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30.OUT -9pm /// CCB

31.OUT -9.30pm /// Caldas Nice Jazz

Trumpeter Dave Douglas and pianist Uri Caine have long engaged in collaborative work, but this is the first time we've found them duo on a record. The project is inspired by the repertoire Sacred Harp, Protestant choral tradition of the South of the United States that dates back to the 18th century and remained alive until the 19th century.




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06.NOV -9.30pm /// Casa da Música

07.NOV -9pm /// CCB

Al Di Meola is one of the greatest contemporary guitarists not needing great performances even for the most distracted audience, being one of the greatest virtuosos of Jazz in the last 25 years and the guitarist most awarded by Guitar Player Magazine. On his return to Portugal, Al Di Meola also brings "Opus", his latest studio work, in addition to the compositions of his favorite composers




08.NOV -9.30pm /// Cine-Teatro Avenida

09.NOV -9.30pm /// Cine-Teatro Alcobaça

10.NOV -9.30pm /// CAE

Da Vinci is the result of a thorough study of the mythical figure of Leonardo. From all points of view Da Vinci is a crossover / fusion of art, bringing together the best of music, dance, singing and history to offer the audience a unique ballet.




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26.FEV -9.30pm /// Casa da Música

28.FEV -9pm /// CCB

A case of success in Portugal, where they always sell out their halls, the Glenn Miller Orchestra, directed by Maestro Ray McVay, returns to our contry.




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