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25.OCT - 9.30pm /// Casa da Música

26.OCT - 9.30pm /// Caldas Nice Jazz

27.OCT - 9pm /// CCB

The talented singer-songwriter who has left audiences fascinated with his live performances and with his unique style in slide guitar, returns to Portugal and the CCB for a must-see show.



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28.OCT - 9pm /// CCB

Anthony Strong brings us a special show, a tribute to the great Jazz singers who have influenced and continue to play throughout these years.





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15.NOV - 9.30pm /// Coliseu

16.NOV - 9pm /// CCB

Take 6 is a vocal group with six virtuoso voices united in crystal-clear harmony, in a context of syncopated rhythms, innovative arrangements and funky grooves that bubble up in a heady mix of gospel, jazz, R & B and pop.





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01.DEC - 9.30pm /// Caldas Nice Jazz

02.DEC - 9pm /// CCB

04.DEC - 9.30pm /// Casa Música

Returning to Portugal after a 9-year interlude, Patricia Barber is one of the main faces of jazz, alongside other talented performers such as Jane Monheit, Karrin Allyson or Natalie Cole.





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10.FEB - 9.30pm /// Casa da Música

11.FEB - 9pm /// CCB

A case of success in Portugal where they always sold out the venues they play, The Glenn Miller Orchestra conducted by Maestro Ray McVay returns for shows in Oporto and in Lisbon.





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